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Right Where I Am Right Where I Am

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I hope I passed the audition!

Two barefoot people chillin' on Ferry Beach

I really took the cake at SMAC in Brownfield, ME

The whole fan damily in Macon, GA

Yes, I designed and drew this LOGO myself!
(A few HR issues in the TEAM JE Art Department)

Caught in mid-phrase, taking a breath

Leaving 77, 7th St., E.Cambridge, bills in
the mailbox, gig shoes in my hand

Hey you guys! I got MY stuff, let's go!

C'mon in! Make the whole day complete...

This is the way the Shanty looks on the way OUT!

Offering Dad a little consolation and reassurance

This one grew right outta the ground in my little orchard!

Hello Dear Faithful Fans and Friends,

Very exciting news! I’ve finished the New Album!

It's called, "Right Where I Am," and it was released on June 18th. We're promoting it to as many outlets and reviewers as we can, and it's been meeting with rave reviews and accolades!

Please be the first to order and receive your own autographed and personalized copy of my most recent work!

This inspired collection proudly offers eight new pieces of music to help us all navigate through these different and challenging times. The title song is, “Right Where I Am,” and, like the whole album, it was planted and grew organically, mostly during the locked-down summer of 2020. It is certifiably grass-fed, free-range, homemade and a lot of fun!

This is also the first album I’ve ever recorded that features all my own songs. A couple of the tunes have enjoyed some time to mature in the barrel, like a taste of fine bourbon. A few more of them were finished right in the studio, fresh from my notebook. It was a fascinating process, laced with all kinds of spontaneity, like, “What if we changed a guitar song into a piano song?” or “What would happen if we routed my acoustic guitar through my trusty Fender Twin Reverb amplifier?” We had plenty of time to explore different, unique ways to convey the wide-ranging imagery and subject matter and grooves inherent in the songs themselves and I’m certain this digitally recorded and mastered CD will be well loved.

Here is a track list and a brief description:
  1. The above mentioned title song came to me on the wings of gratitude, when it became clear what humanity was up against and how I could possibly ease some of the pain by sharing a few of the insights that were (and remain) helpful to me.
  2. "Drop + Roll" was written with my daughter Grace's gifted husband, Jerome Degey, supplying much of the music. It goes into a rhyming stream-of-consciousness, party scene where Ringo and the Sheriff are both summoned to participate.
  3. "50 Years" is a celebration of thankfulness for the decades I've enjoyed being a small part of the soundtrack of so many people's lives.
  4. "Scars Of Love," another co-write with Jerome, is a piece of unsolicited musical advice to a friend who was going through some painful personal changes.
  5. "Burn It All" is an imaginary visit to my one hundred and one year old Mom. I attempt to wonder what a century of life might feel like and look like to her in this age of quarantine and separation, as she continues to inspire and encourage all of us who are blessed to know her.
  6. "Stingray Shuffle" came out of a beautiful beach day suddenly marred by an insulted little stingray intent on teaching us how to dance.
  7. "There Comes A Time" is inspired by the inevitability of fate and the love between two people, happy to finally be together, excited about forever and the simple bonds of matrimony.
  8. "Groove #107" grew out of one of my midnight ramblings. It is spoken more than sung and congers up the tropical bon-fires I love to make.

And, speaking of love, I really, really miss you all and the whole “Live music shared in front of big crowds of people” events. Which, prior to this time last year, was the lifeblood of my creative endeavors for almost sixty years. So until venues reopen and this new paradigm, it is hoped, becomes second nature, these songs are a hint of what my friends and family and I have been up to on my forced vacation from the road. Please share it with your friends and family as much as you want. That's what love is for....

Thank You and Enjoy!

Route 66
Time to get your kicks!


Thanks for checking the calendar but, until the world enjoys a little more immunity and, of course, with an abundance of caution for everyone involved, tour dates, as such, will keep getting pushed “back to the future.” I miss you guys very much and eagerly await our next meeting.


Fifty years in music! Yes, it seems like quite an accomplishment. But if you look a little closer, you'll find a boy fairly unconcerned with issues and events that most people think of as the future. You'll see a guy who's wondering what he did wrong to have to spend his high school years marching to English class in a military school uniform. Picture him putting down the rifle he was issued and picking up a guitar for the first time, and the look on his face when, at last, something made sense. And then, you might peer into the psyche of a young fella who loved the music of words enough to postpone the last stages of an art degree to follow his cellular desire to learn about that love and begin to understand. He understood that he was of an age to be sent against his will to southeast Asia to become a soldier. He had a different idea. Songs and the need to write them... Concerts made up of those songs and the joy of performing them in front of listening, responsive people.

These are the endeavors that propelled this young fella to follow his heart and refine his focus. Bigger and bigger audiences were soon to take notice and embrace this artist who so selflessly engaged with them. 250 shows a year in those early years. 19 albums and collaborations as evidence of his commitment. A little broadway, a touch of acting, some producing and "50 years goes." Formative times with the horses in Nova Scotia, a decade or so in the Caribbean with the Rastas, a stubborn adherence to the sound of bronze strings on rosewood, an abiding love of the earth and all her daily miracles; these are a few of the colors on his palette that inform the man he has now become. You will discover a certain reverence and a sardonic humor in equal measure. You will now find an outward maturity and an inner, youthful exuberance combined in an intense and contagious love of life. When asked if he ever gets weary of singing "Sunshine" or "Shanty" or any of his earlier compositions, he replies, "Every night is a new night, every crowd is a different context and every performance feels like the first time."

So, whether it's a "Toys For Tots" Christmas Show for forty thousand people or a house concert down the street for 25 friends and neighbors and a couple of dogs, you receive the best from this man--every time he takes the stage. These are honest emotions to which wings are attached. An authentic story of art for the sake of art. This is original music based in history and tradition. Pianos, mandolins and fiddles...harmonicas, stand-up bass and lots of guitars; the recordings and the concerts both create an environment and an atmosphere that make his singing seem effortless and a spontaneous natural occurrence. And all of this without much concern for the future.

Peace, Love and Understanding through the gift of Music.


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