Over half a century of incredible music.
I can't wait to make more.

News Flash! Please keep checking this space for more Team JE news as well as the venues we're in the midst of rescheduling for our up-coming concerts. I miss all of you SO much and the privilege of engaging with you from the stage, but please know there are many people intimately involved with the production of any given show and the health and safety of each worker, driver, pilot, crew member, fellow musician, custodian and fan is precious to us and valued above all.

It is time all of us here at Team JE, offer some words of hope and encouragement. First, thank you for your support and interest and for reading our messages. I don't need to tell you that as hard as it is to make sense of rapidly changing directives, it is imperative you stay as informed as humanly possible. Select from among the voices closest to the actual administration of care; the nurses, the doctors, and the governmental agencies (like the CDC) tasked most closely with the catch-up game we now find ourselves in. Improvisation has become not only about music but, also about the day-to-day decisions we make to ensure not only our health but the health and welfare of our loved-ones.

Not everyone has the option to circle the wagons, sequester and quarantine but, as I see it, this is the only arrow in our quiver to attempt the slowdown of this COVID-19 pandemic. And accordingly, if you possibly can, you, me and everyone of us must embrace this new paradigm, avoid the blame game and determine the best course of action (or inaction) to keep us all safe. And until this particular bug gets "relegated to the dustbins of history," which it will, we have to adhere to the advice of the most learned and experienced spokespeople in our suddenly and tragically unified world to help us understand and act upon the most effective and comprehensive information available. Then, perhaps we can resume, with maybe a little more humility this time, our rightful place in our super-interconnected, ultra-interdependent universe.

From all of us here at Team JE,
Thanks Again for Listening
Be safe, be well, tell the truth,
And love one another everyday!

C'mon In The Shanty.

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